Danila Trivaylo
Create and develop Products
What am I doing?
Hotel segment analytics service RoomsData (2022)
Developed and launched from scratch an analytical system based on a complete database booking.com. RoomsData allows us to assess the level of hotel occupancy, the dynamics of price changes and track new facilities in real time.
Real estate aggregator The Meters (2021-2022)
I acted as CEO of a startup, managed a team of 20 people. We have built the first service in Russia that collects and analyzes hundreds of thousands of ads for the sale and rental of real estate from the largest classifieds in the country.
Launch of 4 business projects per year (2020)
Has worked out and implemented various business ideas: a network of vending machines for healthy food, furniture production, flipping apartments in the secondary housing market, a marketplace of used books). In all projects, I conducted an effective market analysis, Custdev, JTBD, calculated the unit economy, launched MVP, received revenue.
E-commerce store MOLTER.RU (2015-2019)
I created a profitable business in the field of E-commerce. In 5 years, he has rebuilt all processes, from website development and warehouse organization to building a single-channel sales system. Brought revenue from zero to 100,000,000 rubles a year.
Sewing production Nitka (2015)
I has developed a sewing production with a focus on Russian designers. I was responsible for the selection of employees, debugging the technological process, building sales and customer service.
MD "Mother and Child" (2013-2015)
I was working as Project Manager. Main goal: build a training system in the Mother and Child Group of Companies. I developed a system of training events for customer service employees (conducted more than 50 trainings in 10 cities of Russia). Also I was responsible for implementation new business processes developed jointly with KPMG.
What am I good at?
It is important to understand that you are doing well.
Product Launches
I understand well what it means to launch a product from scratch. I am able to work and make decisions in a state of high uncertainty.
Analytical mindset
I quickly dive into the context and identify the key parameters. When I was engaged in an online store, huge tables were my second home (the store's assortment at its peak was 18 thousand items).
Internet business
I understand how E-commerce works. I worked a lot with target, context and other distribution channels. All recent projects have been connected with digital. I understand why it is very important to monitor the UX, conversion and sales funnel.
Process optimization
I really like to improve everything. The first great experience - volunteered to optimize the archive at the university when the admissions committee was working. The result is that the average waiting time for applicants to receive documents has decreased from 50 minutes to 5.
Fast learnability
I'm really a fast learner. What is the difference between sewing machines? What is the difference between voltage and amperage? Is MDF better than chipboard? What strategy to choose in Yandex.Direct?
Strategic thinking
I look at business processes from above. When I hear: "They have increased revenue by 3 times" - a cascade arises in my head: What about the staff? How did you solve the warehouse issue? Is this growth due to the assortment, coverage, number of points? And what about VAT?
Who am I?
Born in Moscow. I have always been active and inquisitive. He earned his first money in high school by selling lizuns.

I've been doing sports all my life: 5 years of football, 4 years of swimming, 3 years of table tennis. Now I am fond of Thai boxing.

Lived and worked in the USA.

I read a lot, I'm fond of movies.

I like to travel - I have visited 25 countries.